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Game guide:

The overall objective of the game is to locate 3 orbs that the evil Lich have placed in strongholds guarded by his allies, break them to remove the seals that blocks the entrance to the Lich Tower (Of Doom), fight your way up his tower and defeat the ultimate evil yourself.

When you start a new game, you can have 3 skills, 3 spells and 3 item slots, but as you defeat the dungeons you get access to more, as game also increase its difficult (trust us, you'll need them).

Getting ready:

The Flying Dagger.

You start out outside The Flying Dagger, the inn were adventures enjoy their amusement time and get prepared for their upcoming adventures, for a convenient fee. At the Flying Dagger you can find Kareena the Bard who may inspire you with her songs, translated into permanent boosts to your stats.

You can also try your luck with the merchant at getting some items, equipment, skills,or new spells, before you depart and select your first dungeon to conquer.

Inventory and Spellbook.

If you have items in your inventory, they can be used by accessing your inventory slot. Some items can only be used in or out of combat, but most potions are usable whenever you need them.

Every magica around Shadowrest have in their spellbook the four basics:

Create food, because you need to be well fed. Heal, to cure some poison if poisoned, or heal up some health.

Locate Exit (a nifty, but expensive spell), can show the way to the nearest exit.

Teleport, transport yourself to any of the rooms you have already visited.

The use of spells consumes mana, to regain it you can meditate, a trick taken from Ka-Zabar (the eastern martial arts form).

Character sheet.

You may check your stats at any point by accesing the character sheet. Here you have your stats in detail, as well as the equipment you are using.

Exploring dungeons:

After you are done with the preparations, you're ready for the adventure!

Resources management.

When walking around in the dungeons, you spend food and energy. For each room you walk into, you consume one piece of food, and spend one point of energy. If you run out of food, you will consume two points of energy. If you run out of energy, you will instead tear on your health, and will quickly find yourself dead. So keep well fed and energic!

Combat overview.

When you enter combat, you do not have access to the basic spells, but need to rely on passive and active combat spells.

The passive spells are checked first round of combat (if you are not ambushed, that is), and every 5’th round thereafter. These are various buffs/debuffs that enhance your probability to survive, or decrease your opponents abilities. A passive spell cost only 1 mana to perform, a cost that in most circumstances are lower than the mana needed to heal after battle.

If you choose to use an active spell though, it will cost you 5 mana, but the spells are more combat oriented, as well as giving a bonus to hit the monsters.If you don’t want to use spell at all, you can opt for a melee attack. How much damage and how many hits you execute is based on how good you are. If you have the skills, other effects such as bashing the enemy for a dizzy strike can occur.

The melee attack requires 1 energy (2 if you are hungry, or even health if you are hungry and out of energy). Blocking, counterattacking and other speciality moves are all based on skills. Skills are found in the dungeon chests, or purchased from the merchant outside The Flying Dagger.

And that's all. Good luck adventurer (you will need it)!